Friday, July 31, 2009


After a long, rainy day, we took a walk in the lingering mist.
Quiet fog and mist rose from the lake and surrounding landscape.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We've been spotted.

A phone call first thing this morning.

The front page. My little lawyer says her elbow is "now famous". LOL

We really admired watching the K9 unit.

Oops! Something is wrong with this picture.

Lights on + engine off = dead battery.

Everybody needs a little help from time to time.

© 2009
All images property of Jodie L Hemersbach
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Adventures Abound at the Library

This is the last week for the summer reading program at our local library.

The girls have been reading passionately and having the best adventures this summer. They've enjoyed it so much that we plan to have our own reading adventures incentive "program" this year.
But I digress... today brought the most unexpected adventure.
And I'm pretty sure that adventure isn't the most appropriate word for it but it is the word we're using.

We spent almost an hour inside the library- each girl choosing books to read this week. Some days I have to work hard to be patient while they make their choices. Today, I didn't have much trouble giving them each time to explore and choose just the right pieces of literature they wanted to dive into. Finally, arms full... and carrying the extra stack that wouldn't fit into their library bags... we huddled together to organize for the checkout desk downstairs.

Unexpectedly, a voice was heard over the P.A. system. "Attention! We need everyone to exit the building immediately." Something was mentioned about "code black" but I'm not even sure if anything more was said. There we were, arms FULL of books and the girls full of questions and confusion. I think I heard, "What's going on, Mommy?", "What do we do with our books?" and a few dozen more questions. But like a German Shepherd diligently herding its flock, I kept the three of them in front of me and instructed them to just do as we were told. "Hang on to your books and follow everyone OUT."

As we descended the stairs, I noted the lobby was FULL of police officers. MANY thoughts swirled in my head (Is there a fire? Has someone decided to use the library to hide? Bomb threat?) but my primary goal was to get my kiddos out together and safely.

Exiting the doors, we immediately discovered the block was closed off and there were police and fire trucks everywhere. (Gosh! I guess I was really focused because I don't recall hearing sirens) We were sent across the street. Everyone was calm and everyone exited the building exactly as instructed. It was all very quick. Fortunately, I recently decided that I should start the habit of always having my camera with me. Today I debated it but am so glad that I stuck to my new resolve.

We patiently watched and waited with no knowledge of what event had led to our unexpected evacuation.

At least they had something to read! ;o)
Others waited as well.

The whole group of us were instructed to move across the street- a little farther away from the building.

And we watched and waited some more... lots more! We had no choice! Look at the stacks of books- unchecked!

I noticed the "bomb squad" when they arrived- now called the Hazardous Devices Unit- and the K9 unit was also on the scene. We sat and admired the obviously dedicated dog as he entered the building with his partner.

I entertained myself with my camera!

An hour later the library was "re-opened". We checked out our books without discovering anymore information but thanking the Lord for watching over us and keeping us safe.

Adventures in reading!!! LOL

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End note: As it turns out, there was an explosion in the library. Here's the link to a local report of the incident. Thanking the Lord even more!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sharing Humor

And without hearing,
I'll bet you still felt it.
And then you smiled too.