Friday, October 17, 2008

Ever get the feeling...'re being watched,




Such unique creatures!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Too close?

The other day, Industrious One decided to take her camera out in the pasture and take some pictures of our haflinger, Mr. MaGee. Anyone reading this who owns a haflinger is already laughing!

Here's why....

First, Industrious One had to show her credentials to the herd boss....

that would be Pholly- - why yes! She IS my mare. Why do you ask? Certainly you're not suggesting that she suits me well because of that trait, would you? --- Hey! I am a first born! - 'nough said! ;)

Upon passing the security check, Industrious One set out in her attempts to get some good shots of Mr. MaGoof... oh! I mean MaGee!

And wherever she went...
... there he was!

She even tried changing directions... He just followed suit.
when she stopped, he stopped...

If she walked, he walked right beside her... never wavering.
Does she look a little defeated?
Well.... since she could not get any distance between them, she figured she might as well hug him!
'Course... then he wanted to know why she wasn't taking more pictures of him!


Why yes! I got some GREAT pictures! LOL